Criminal Litigation

We have extensive experience in defending our clients in various level of criminal courts, whether at the lowest level of the Magistrates' Courts or at the highest level of the Court of Final Appeal. Our lawyers have frontline experience in law enforcement and the legal Aid Department. Our team will use our professional knowledge and experience to analyze the circumstances of the case and provide appropriate legal advice, as well as assisting you in the further selection and appointment of barrister where necessary.

Criminal Proceedings
The consequences of criminal proceedings can be very serious and once convicted, a criminal record will normally be kept. It is very important that you seek formal legal advice and arrange to be accompanied by a solicitor if you are required by the law enforcement agencies (e.g. cautioned interview, assisting in an investigation, etc.) to sign a document or carry out any documented procedure. In the event that you have mistakenly signed an involuntary statement, you should speak to your solicitor as soon as possible to clarify the details so that the most appropriate course of action can be taken. Professional legal advice, analysis and assistance should be sought at every step of the subsequent court proceedings, whether the decision is to proceed in the direction of a plea of guilty or a plea of not guilty.

Our firm can assist you to resolve the case legally. For example, we may discuss with the prosecutors for alternative handlings of the case, such as O.N.E bindover agreement or plea bargaining for a lesser charge. By doing so, you may be able to avoid having criminal record or serving prison time.

If you have a criminal case or are under criminal investigation and need the assistance of one of our lawyers, please call us to arrange a conference.