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Roger Lam

Juris Doctor (JD), the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Postgraduate Certificate in Law (PCLL), the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology) (BSSc), the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Cases that Roger Lam has handled and assisted in:

Criminal Cases from Magistracies to Court of Final Appeal level, including white-collar crime allegation, corporate crime, cross-border crime, deception, perjuries, Customs cases, ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) cases; public event cases (e.g. allegation of unlawful assembly, possession of offensive weapon, riot, etc.); as well as day-to-day common crimes such as theft, assault & wounding, unlawful obtaining of subsidies (e.g. public housing and student financial assistance), sex crime, drug crime, traffic offence (e.g. careless driving, dangerous driving) and various kinds of other criminal allegations.

Personal Injuries Claims in relation to work place injuries, traffic accident injuries, medical negligence, injuries resulted from sexual assault, site mismanagement and different kinds of negligence.

Defamation cases in relation to natural persons and institutions.

Contract disputes in relation to commodities, service and building works.

In Disciplinary proceedings protecting individual Civil Servants’ rights.

Judicial Review and Administrative Appeal Cases protecting interests of prison inmates and rehabilitated offenders.

Building Management and disputes in relation to Incorporated Owners of multi-storey buildings.

Disputes in relation to employment relationship.

Appeals against the decision of Director of Legal Aid.

Procedures in setting up Charitable Organisations.

Roger also holds teacher qualification and has registered at Education Bureau (“RT”). He teaches criminal justice and law enforcement courses at tertiary level on part-time basis.

He was one of the legal advisors of the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union.

Practicing Accreditation

  • Before joining the legal profession, Roger Lam was an Inspector of Customs & Excise carrying out law enforcement actions in relation to anti-smuggling, anti-narcotics, trade description and intellectual property rights protection. He has also served as an auxiliary Police Constable from 2006 to 2010 and handled daily policing work. Roger was a paralegal at our firm from 2009 to 2010 before he joined the Customs & Excise Department. He later completed a Juris Doctor Degree and Postgraduate Certificate in Law and re-joined our firm in 2015.

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