Building Management

Building Management

Hong Kong is a crowded place. Most people live in multi-story buildings and share common areas and common facilities. Due to different life styles, there could be disputes in management of the common areas and common facilities. When there is a management company, there could be disputes between the owners and the management company as well.

In these circumstances, we provide a wide range of services for owners, incorporated owners and management companies, including:-

 Advising on the laws of building management and the documents on the governance of the building such as land grants, deed of mutual covenants and management agreements;
 Attending meetings of management committees and general meetings of owners;
 Taking legal action against unauthorized occupation of common areas or common facilities of the building;
 Taking legal action against installation of unauthorized building works;
 Taking legal action to claim outstanding management fees or repair fees;
 Taking legal action against incorporated owners or management companies for breaches of relevant laws or governance documents, or for abusing their power;
 Taking legal action against nuisance or disturbance of owners/occupiers; and
 Any other matters relating to building management.