Civil Litigaton

Civil litigation is a legal process initiated by a plaintiff against a defendant to seek compensation for damages caused by an infringement of rights. Civil litigation covers a wide range of matters, including personal injury claims, employee compensation claims, commercial disputes, property disputes, and defamation claims, etc. The plaintiff may seek reasonable monetary compensation or other remedies, such as injunctions, through legal proceedings. If you are a defendant, we can also represent you in court protect your legal rights, navigate the legal process, and achieve the best possible outcome.

Going to court is not like a movie or TV drama, where hiring a top barrister guarantees victory. Both parties must consider legal fees, legal arguments, the sufficiency of evidence, the other party's ability to pay compensation, and non-legal implications (such as damage to the company's image). Our experienced civil litigation lawyers will help clients formulate strategies and utilize appropriate legal tools to resolve disputes. We will analyze each case thoroughly, assess the risks of litigation, and develop a solution in the best interests of our clients.

We believe that litigation is only one way to resolve a problem, not the only way. Where necessary, we will explore alternative ways, such as mediation, to effectively resolve the problem for our clients.