Marriage and Family Law

Divorce involves a wide range of matrimonial and family law issues. Our lawyers have accumulated years of experience and understand the difficulties in handling family matters. As much of family law matters are sensitive, we focus on providing advice and assistance in a practical and informative way and in a cost-effective manner to the satisfaction of our clients. Whether or not there is a dispute between the parties over the divorce, we can handle the litigation process properly and protect your legal rights and interests. Our family law services include the following:

Divorce - Three major issues in divorce cases.
1. Divorce: The only reason for divorce is that the marriage has broken down to the point of no return. The petitioner can support a divorce petition on the basis of one year of separation (with the consent of the other party), two years of separation, unreasonable behavior, adultery, or abandonment;
2. family child custody: commonly known as custody, which includes visitation rights; and
3. distribution of marital property, including the distribution of marital assets and alimony.

During divorce - problems you may encounter:
- Interim maintenance;
- Domestic violence and restraining orders;

After the divorce - we can help you to resolve the following family problems:
- Maintenance recovery;
- Application for variation of maintenance order
- Illegal removal of children from Hong Kong;
- Disputes over access arrangements;
- Application for temporary absence of children from Hong Kong for travel or study.

Other Matters
- Adoption and Guardianship Orders: We can provide legal advice and services on adoption and guardianship matters.
- Cohabitation disputes

Civil Celebration of Marriages
We have a number of solicitors who are registered Civil Celebrants of Marriages. We can provide civil celebrant services at a location of your choice. Whether you wish to hold your wedding in a relaxed and humorous style or in a solemn and dignified manner, our civil celebrant lawyers can cater to your requirements and make your wedding a memorable one.

In the future, we can also assist your family with other long-term plans, such as property sales and purchases, property trusts and the preparation of wills.