Will and Probate

Probate Matters

We provide estate administration and probate services, as well as legal support in disputes or litigation relating to inheritance. Our services include:

  1. Making of wills
  2. Application for probate and letters of administration
  3. Administration and distribution of estates (under the laws of Hong Kong)
  4. Appointment of specialist doctors or other technical experts
  5. Providing assistance to beneficiaries of an estate
  6. Challenging or defending the validity of a will
  7. Advising on the liability of executors or administrators of estates
  8. Making applications under the Inheritance (Provision for Survivors and Dependants) Ordinance
  9. Contesting or defending applications for administration of estates
  10. Coordinating and assisting in the settlement of overseas and domestic estates
  11. Stamping of foreign probate or letters of administration (resealing)
  12. Redistribution of estates by Deed of Family Agreement
  13. Preventing others from taking out applications for probate
  14. Legal advice on inheritance matters
  15. Other matters relating to the Probate and Administration Ordinance

We will provide you with affordable and practical legal services according to your needs, please feel free to contact our lawyers.